Next Meeting (September 2018)

The next meeting will be held on Thursday 2o September at the British Dental Association. The title is:

Ontologies and domain modelling: a fun (honest) and friendly introduction

What exactly is an ontology? How can we use them to better understand our information environments? Helen Lippell and Silver Oliver will be explaining all, providing examples from projects they have worked on, and giving you the chance to build your own ontology and domain model.

Helen Lippell will give an accessible introduction to ontologies are, how they are being used in a variety of different applications, how they differ from taxonomies, and how you can combine taxonomies and ontologies in models. This introduction assumes no prior knowledge of ontologies or semantic technologies.

Silver Oliver will be explaining how ontologies are used in domain modelling, demystifying some of the terminology, and providing case studies to demonstrate ontologies in practice.

There will be the chance to get pens and paper out to produce and develop your own ontology and domain model, with additional help from experienced domain modellers Michael Smethurst and Anya Somerville.

For more information and to register, go to

A pdf flyer for this meeting can be downloaded from the link  Ontologies and domain modelling – Thursday 20 September 2018

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