The next meeting of 2018 is on Thursday 26 July 2018:

Machines and Morality: Can AI be Ethical? 

The speakers at this meeting will be addressing the question of the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence – is is it possible for machines to have morality? And to do this, they’ll be unpacking the hype currently surrounding the subject of AI – how much of it is justified, and how do they see these new technologies influencing human society over the coming decades?

The potential of AI and its many applications needs little to spark enthusiastic intrigue and adoption. For example, when it comes to managing customer experiences, Gartner estimates that 85% of customer interactions will be managed without humans by 2020.

However, as we plough ahead with the adoption of AI, it hasn’t taken long to realise that incorporating AI into our lives needs to be handled with a careful, measured approach. Indeed, unpacking AI’s integration into our lives provides us with an opportunity – and responsibility – to ensure AI brings out the best of our humanness while mitigating our shortcomings. It is through a careful integration that the promise of AI and us can be realised to address the big challenges we face.


The speakers at this meeting will be Stephanie Mathisen, Policy Manager at Sense About Science and Tamara Ansons, Behavioural Science Consultant at Ipsos.

To register, follow the link above.

A pdf (Machines and Morality – 26 July 2018.) giving details of the meeting can be downloaded.


The remainder of the 2018 programme is as follows

  • Ontology (September)
  • Network Science (December)



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